Best restaurants in Helsinki


Finland, a soon 100 year old treasure within Scandinavia, is the hot spot for travel this year. The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is packed with amazing restaurants and cafes. Nunuco Design asked me to share my top choices from breakfast to dinner in Helsinki. Read the original post at their website here.


Café Kuuma is known for their wonderful breakfast sets with avocado toasts, chia pudding, yogurt, fresh squeezed juice and delicious coffee and tea. The avocado toast is the best in Helsinki and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, as the lovely young ladies running the place always have a smile on their faces. Kuuma is located in Punavuori, a trendy hipster neighbourhood in Helsinki.



Andante is the place for brunch and they even have a different brunch menu every weekend, so you can visit often. Andante also functions as a flower shop so you’ll be surrounded with fresh flowers as you enjoy a slow brunch consisting of for example raspberry-chocolate chia pudding and vegetable noodles. Nikko and Mia, the owners of Andante, offer exceptional service and their pet bunny delivers way too much cuteness.



Searching for a fresh and tasty lunch? Head over to Healthinki. Healthinki serves delicious lunch bowls, with only a single fresh option per day. During the summer the bowls might have quinoa or dukkah, fresh veggies and halloumi or goat cheese and as the winter gets colder they switch to warm currys that pack a ton of nutrients and spices to keep you warm. And hey! They even serve a all-day breakfast for all you sleepyheads. The breakfast bowls boast a variety of Finnish superfoods, you should definitely try the lingonberry! Healthinki is close to the ocean and Kaivopuisto, so you can find your appetite from the beautiful view nearby.



Shelter, a rather new waterfront restaurant at Katajanokka, is my current favorite for dinner. They serve delicious and simple dishes and Rusty, a cocktail bar, is located upstairs for some appetizers or digestives. You can also try some limited dishes from Shelter’s menu at Rusty, if you didn’t book a table and Shelter is packed.



Vegan and gluten free everything, this is Roots Helsinki a popular destination for young and creative adults looking for a living room in the Kallio neighbourhood. Amazing salads, pulled oats, tempeh burgers and the very best GreenStreet raw cakes. You should definitely try the pulled oats as it is delicious and trendy and people are fighting over this stuff in grocery stores! Roots Helsinki also offers breakfast with homemade bread, beetroot hummus, raw porridge, fresh juices and perfect lattes.

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